My Ultrasound

My Ultrasound is proud to announce joining forces with Advanced Global Imaging, LLC (AGI). Together we can help even more medical practices, imaging centers, physicians and patients world-wide with all their imaging interpretation needs. Advanced Global Imaging, LLC radiologists have decades of experience and training and are some of the best and brightest in the field. Advanced Global Imaging, LLC network of world experts in all imaging subspecialties allows for second opinion and peer support with difficult cases, thus assuring highest quality of image interpretation.

In collaboration with Advanced Global Imaging, LLC we will be able to achieve a new, even higher, level of professionalism and service quality. Whether you are just starting to provide imaging services or desire to improve on the service you already have, we are happy to work with you. To start working with us or to get more information about Advanced Global Imaging, LLC contact us here.

For patients and physicians: Please note, we do not retain images for the cases we interpret, so you would need to contact a physician or entity that performed the study to get a copy of your images.